Part 1: Data collection

Data sources

Data at scale

Standards in healthcare data

Research Data Stewardship for Healthcare Professionals

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in a Research Context

Part 2: From Data to Model

Preparing Data for Predictive Modelling

Extracting Features from Time Series

Prediction Modeling Methodology

Diving Deeper into Models

Reporting Standards and Critical Appraisal of Prediction Models

Part 3: From Model to Application

Clinical decision support systems

Mobile Apps

Optimizing Care Processes with Operational Excellence & Process Mining

Value-Based Health Care Supported by Data Science

Fundamentals of
Clinical Data Science

Fundamentals of Clinical Data Science is an essential resource for healthcare professionals and IT consultants intending to develop and refine their skills in personalized medicine, using solutions based on large datasets from electronic health records or telemonitoring programmes.

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